‘Sinkhole Teacher’ chills in his sinkhole splash pool. Picture: Facebook
‘Sinkhole Teacher’ chills in his sinkhole splash pool. Picture: Facebook

WATCH: Fourways resident turns sinkhole into 'beach oasis'

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jan 6, 2021

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President Cyril Ramaphosa might have closed beaches, rivers and dams but he didn’t mention anything about sinkholes.

Then again who would have thought that a sinkhole could be turned into a natural “pool”.

Well, a Fourways resident has converted the massive sinkhole outside his house into a “splash pool” to highlight the decaying water system and infrastructure in Gauteng.

Paul Tilly took to Facebook to post an image of a guy who is referred to a the ‘Sinkhole Teacher’, chilling in a the sinkhole pool with a large blow up pink flamingo and a bucket of HTH on the side.

The post captioned, “A South African has made light of current lockdown restrictions where beaches, rivers and dams are prohibited, and a failure in local infrastructure where a sinkhole has appeared in a popular middle class suburb of Johannesburg. With a tub of chlorine to the ready, he’s made his own South African riviera!”

The post has since gone viral and has now been dubbed the Fourway Beach.

A rather unorthodox way to spend you summer vacation!

It was further reported that the Fourways ‘Sinkhole Teacher’ pledged to take a photo by a different water burst each day'.

Brent Lindeque, Good Things Guy, took to Twitter with another video of the ’Sinkhole Teacher’ snorkelling in a different water filled sinkhole.

Along with the video he tweeted “My ’sinkhole’ teacher… South Africans always find the funniest side of really serious situations.”

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