Ultimate Braai Master host Justin Bonello shares some of his favourite braaing spots in South Africa.

Having trouble finding a spot to chill outdoors and braai? 

Ultimate Braai Master host Justin Bonello shares some of his favourite braaing spots in South Africa.

 "Let's have a braai?" The four words that can bring a group together from different races and cultures. While most people have braais at home, there are spots in South Africa that are beautiful locations.
When I think of braai spots, the first person that comes to mind is Ultimate Braai Master host, Justin Bonello.
The  South African filmmaker, chef and television personality is the person who experiments on the  braai while soaking up some of the most stunning locations the country has to offer.
In celebration of Heritage Day, also National Braai Day, Bonello shares some of his favorite spots.
Northwest Province
The Orange River is the longest river in South Africa and having a braai at one of their spots is quite a way to spend any afternoon. Justin Bonello  describes it as “the best braai in the desert.” 

He says that it was the perfect location in the North West Province because you get to hear the “the mighty Orange River gurgling by”, a place where you have the sand under your feet and there is no interruptions. “You can have your fire made by collected driftwood. The memories made here will stay with you forever,”  he said.

Eastern Cape

Bonello says that there is something primal and amazing about the Wild Coast. He loves to cook mussels on the beach that he and his friends catch. 

“The Wild Coast is a true gem in South Africa - but take heed of the hikers mantra, ‘take photos, leave footprints’ and always be respectful of this wild space,”  he says.
Western Cape
If you looking for a place where you can get some peace and with minimal distraction then the Tanqua Karoo is the place to visit for a great braai. 

Bonello looks back at the time he spent there: “Karoo lamb (scored in Calvinia) at Stonehenge (when Africa Burns is not there) in the Tanqua Karoo is one of the best places. A Karoo farmer once put it into perspective.  

He said, ‘Justin, this is where God comes to think,' and I agree — sometimes it’s so quiet in the Karoo that you strain your ears to hear anything — and that special silence coupled with traditional Karoo hospitality has me returning year after year,” says Bonello.

 If you are like me and do not like to have the hassle of braai but enjoy tucking into some fresh braai meat, then  707 Panyaza in Soweto is the place to visit. Situated at 1736 Tumahole St, Jabavu, Soweto, Bonello loves to go here when he does not like to braai and wants to relax. “I suggest that you go there and discover for yourself why I like it so much.”

The Sharktank in Durban is a perfect spot for Bonello when he wants to unwind.