The Sunday feeding at Riverbend Crocodile Farm has become quite popular. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
The Sunday feeding at Riverbend Crocodile Farm has become quite popular. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

WATCH: Killer crocs and waffles to die for on the South Coast

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Sep 7, 2020

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The drive from Durban to Southbroom on the South Coast boasts some of the most picturesque views.

It's only been three weeks since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced level 2 regulations, and the influx of cars on the road reveal that people are keen to travel once more.

I'm not surprised that the South Coast is on their bucket list.

The South Coast is one of KwaZulu-Natal's biggest tourist drawcards, especially for Durbanites. Its warm weather, blue flag beaches, and leisure activities attract all types of travellers.

After two weeks of hibernating at home, I embark on a road trip to the South Coast. The first stop is Riverbend Crocodile Farm, an establishment run by the Kelly family. The crocodile farm has welcomed millions of visitors since it was established in 1981- even the Argentina soccer team during the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Howard, who took over the family business in 1989, takes us on a tour of the establishment. I've been to many crocodile farms before, but Howard's expansive knowledge of crocodiles and storytelling tops them all.

"There are many myths about the crocodile. It's the oldest living creature on our planet. It accounts for more human deaths than any other animal," he says, the crocodiles unbothered by our presence. The crocodile feeding that takes place every Sunday at 3 pm has become quite a spectacle, drawing a vast number of crowds.

Picture: Clinton Moodley.

Nile crocodiles can go long periods without eating, so many tourists are naturally drawn to seeing the action unfold.

Howard describes the crocodile as the "silent killers".

"They are called silent killers. He walks and moves in the water very silently. He is very powerful. It's not the animal that you want to underestimate," he says.

There's plenty of other activities available for guests who visit the farm. They can enjoy wine tastings, marvel at local art or tour the snake house.

Lost in the middle of nowhere

As Howard waves us off, we head to KwaXolo Cave Adventures for a morning hike. After 30 minutes of driving, and getting lost along the way, we finally reach the road leading to KwaXolo Cave Adventures. It's one of the activities I've been looking forward to, but due to the roads not being favourable to small cars, we opt out of the historical hike.

The best waffles in town

Famished from the morning of exploring, we travel to The Waffle House in Ramsgate for lunch. Their freshly-made waffles attract thousands of travellers. After having our temperature taken, our waiter Eric ushers us to a quaint table in the outside area.

All tables are spread far apart to ensure social distancing and the tables are wiped down before new guests arrive. The service is swift. As I haven't been to a restaurant since the pandemic hit, I was quite impressed by the level of service and efficiency from the restaurant in ensuring that guests are comfortable and safe. The food is equally impressive.

Picture: Clinton Moodley.

We ordered the mild vegetable curry waffle with cauliflower, butternut, sweet potatoes, green beans and aubergine, all married together with some silky coconut milk. The curry, coupled with the sambals and waffles, was delightful on my palette. It exceeded my expectations.

Picture: Clinton Moodley.

We also tried the macadamia nut waffle with cream and ice cream. Eric suggested we try their homemade caramel sauce, which added another layer of flavour to the dish. The meal itself wasn't overly sweet, and I'd have ordered a doggie bag if I didn't have the long afternoon drive home.

If you want to walk off the extra calories, take a stroll through a pathway from the restaurant to the beach.

Along the way, you will meet street vendors selling impressive African arts and crafts and other restaurants.

Contact details:

Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Located at Old Main Road, Southbroom. Call 039 316 6204.

The Waffle House

Situated a Lot, 839 Marine Drive in Ramsgate, Margate. Call 039 314 9424.

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