The Sunday feeding at Riverbend Crocodile Farm has become quite popular. Picture: Clinton Moodley.
The Sunday feeding at Riverbend Crocodile Farm has become quite popular. Picture: Clinton Moodley.

World Croc Day: How to celebrate at these KZN attractions

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jun 10, 2021

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Crocodiles often evoke feelings of dread for travellers. Silent killers. Deadly. Fierce. It may not be the friendliest, but the story of the crocodile is one everyone should hear. And, with World Croc Day coming up on June 17, we look at some of the KZN attractions that provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate these fearsome reptiles.

Here are some places we recommend:

Crocworld Conservation Centre

Scottburgh’s Crocworld Conservation Centre provides visitors with insights into the plight of these endangered species and the role they play in delicate ecosystems.

If you visit on June 16, expect crocodile feeding sessions and an informative talk at 10am, 11am and 3pm, as well as an American alligator feeding at 2pm. There will be juvenile crocodile handling sessions after every feeding in interaction area. For those who feel ravenous, head to the Fish Eagle Café for meal specials.

Wade Kilian, the reptile curator at Crocworld Conservation Centre, said the crocodile was a threatened species.

“Some species like the West African Slender Snouted crocodiles are even critically endangered, with only 500 to 1 000 left in the wild.

"Crocodiles help prevent habitat degradation by overpopulation, regulating the populations of their preferred prey species. Hatchlings, which have only a one percent chance of surviving to adulthood, also serve as an important food source for other species such as birds, monitor lizards and even other crocodiles," he explained.

Riverbend Crocodile Farm

Riverbend Crocodile Farm in Southbroom, is an establishment run by the Kelly family. The crocodile farm has welcomed millions of visitors since it was established in 1981- even the Argentina soccer team during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Besides enjoying crocodile viewings, travellers can also enjoy wine tastings, marvel at local art or tour the snake house.

Howard, who took over the family business in 1989, said crocodiles were the oldest living creature on our planet.

"It accounts for more human deaths than any other animal. They are called silent killers. He walks and moves in the water very silently, and he is powerful. It's not the animal that you want to underestimate," he said.

Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek on the North Coast showcases Nile crocodile, alligators and other crocodiles. Tour times are at 10.30am,12pm, 1.30pm and 3pm.

If you are feeling brave, try their famous crocodile burger at their eatery. Or play it safe with toasted sandwiches and milkshakes. Other attractions include a children's play area and shopping areas.

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