Nature at its finest: hyena makes a beeline for the Leopard’s meal. Picture: Facebook.
Nature at its finest: hyena makes a beeline for the Leopard’s meal. Picture: Facebook.

WATCH: Hyena vs leopard in an incredible tug of war match

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 4, 2020

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The leopard is the wild’s most elusive animal, but when it makes an appearance, it shows off for the camera. 

A video posted on Twitter by Singita Game Reserve shows the Big 5 animal’s strength as it defiantly holds on to a kill that a sneaky hyena tries to steal. 

The video, captured by Field Guide Damin Dallas at Singita Sabi Sand, shows two hyenas make a beeline for the Leopard’s meal. 

While one of the hyenas looked around for oncoming danger, the other attempted his best to steal from the rather unimpressed leopard. 

The 58-second clip will keep you at the edge of your seat. Both animals refused to budge. 

In the end, the hyena managed to succeed, taking the leopard’s meal away. 

Or, so it seemed. 

But, according to Singita, the leopard managed to snatch the kill from the hyenas. 

The viral video garnered 2 600 views on Twitter and 120 shares on Facebook. 

Facebook users shared their sympathy towards the animals. 

User Lyn Scott commented: “Oh wow, unbelievable but inevitable as trying to hold the weight of 2 animals was just too much. The wild can be so cruel 😢.” (sic). 

User Joey Becker commented: “ I don't understand why people hate hyena. Just another predator trying to survive.” (sic)

User Wendi Fischer called the experience “Incredible!” She said: “ Certainly not something you see everyday!” (sic). 

Some users praised the leopard for getting back her kill. 

User Sharon Woods commented: “ Fantastic footage of life in the natural world. Great to see she got her prey back.😍” (sic). 


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