Madikwe Safari Lodge is committed to an unspoiled environment.

Johannesburg – Madikwe Safari Lodge’s activities haven’t disturbed the wildlife, including 340 species of birds, for a moment. Elephant and antelope still walk along their familiar trails between the suites at night to reach the water holes. Sunbirds and weavers swoop across the breakfast terrace to splash in the fountains and even the ultra-shy lynx has turned the diners’ heads towards the trees below.

Rules governing game viewing are strict, to ensure the Madikwe experience remains unique. Only three vehicles at a time are allowed at a lion sighting, while three more can wait nearby to take their place. Rangers can only go off-road to view lion, cheetah or wild dogs at the hunt or the kill.

A programme of bushcraft and wildlife instruction under ranger supervision is very popular for the younger guests. The malaria-free Madikwe game reserve is a four-and-a-half hour drive north-west of Johannesburg.

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