SA is the most dangerous country in the world for solo female travellers. Picture by Alpha Stock Images/Nick Youngson

The Women’s Danger Index 2019 has been released, and it's not good news for South Africa.

SA has topped the list as the most dangerous country for women who are travelling on their own.

The data for the survey is gathered from a range of sources, including the World Economic Forum and the 2018 Gallop World Poll.

There are eight factors which are taken into account when compiling the list

  • Safe to walk alone at night
  • Intentional homicide of women
  • Non-partner sexual violence
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Legal discrimination
  • Global gender gap
  • Gender inequality index
  • Violence against women attitudes

Of these categories, SA is ranked the number one worst country for "women’s safety to walk alone at night", "intentional homicide of women", as well as "non-partner sexual violence".

South Africa received 771.82 points in the scoring of countries.

This is the Top 10 list of countries on the Women’s Danger Index 2019:

  1. South Africa: 771.82
  2. Brazil: 624.28
  3. Russia: 592.71
  4. Mexico: 576.05
  5. Iran: 553.11
  6. Dominican Republic: 551.32
  7. Egypt: 546.91
  8. Morocco: 542.75
  9. India: 541.25
  10. Thailand: 533.22

This study was done by travel bloggers, Asher and Lyric Fergusson.

It's also worth noting that, last year, the Thomson Reuters Foundation published a report showing India was "one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman."

Factors taken into consideration for that report included sexual violence against women, human trafficking for domestic work, forced labour, forced marriage and sexual slavery. 

It was concluded that India was one of the most dangerous countries in the world for cultural traditions that impact women

Acid attacks, female genital mutilation, child marriage and physical abuse were highlighted in the Thomson Reuters Foundation report.

The full report is available here