Zoe Brown

Take a Sho’t Left to a world of travel!

With nine provinces, seven great cities, and two oceans, there’s plenty out there. Four South African travel enthusiasts share their favourite local travel experiences with us.

Zoe Brown: ‘Expresso’ presenter and radio presenter


Your favourite Sho’t Left destination and why? There are so many places, but the first place rhat popped into my head is Ceres. I have family there, so I might be biased, but in the summer time it’s toasty hot and in the winter the mountaintops are covered in snow. The town is at the foot of the mountains and has the most delicious fruit and friendliest people. I always feel relaxed when I visit there.

 What do you think prevents more people from travelling around South Africa? There is beauty all around us, but the inequality in South Africa is extremely visible and often difficult to deal with. We just need a shift in perspective to see the beauty that is already there in the eyes of the people, the smiles on their faces and in Mother Nature herself.

Who is your ideal travel buddy? Any one of my best friends, and I have four! They’re all so different!


Nambitha Ben-Mazwi: Actress and TV host

Your favourite Sho’t Left destination? Wilderness is truly one of my favourite destinations as far as natural beauty is concerned. I often frequent the place on family vacations. Wilderness has the best of both worlds, the quiet coastline (that often feels like private beaches), as well as the bush-life with wandering, peaking hills that offer breathtaking views and awesome trails to get lost in.

 What do you think prevents more people from travelling in South Africa? I think South Africans love the unknown of a culture shock overseas, which understandably is just as important to experience. I think media plays a strong role as we all grow up seeing views and attractions of Paris, the Seychelles, New York City etc. and never really have the opportunity to watch and aspire to view our own beauty spots as tourist attractions.

 Where would you go on a weekend getaway? I would definitely go to Londolozi Private Game Reserve in Kruger (National Park) and have an isolated weekend with


Lorinda Voges: CEO and founder of 4 Elements Media

Your favourite place to visit in South Africa? My hometown, Cape Town. I am completely in love with this place, we literally have the best of both worlds, an ocean, the beautiful mountain sites and then let’s not forget the wine farms. Above the scenery, there’s just something about the energy in Cape Town that captivates me.

Where would you go on a weekend getaway? My heart is always drawn to Babylonstoren farm in Paarl. I love that place. I would love to spend a weekend away in one of their beauti- ful farmhouse cottages, treat myself to delightful lunches and pamper myself at their spa. It is truly one of the most mesmerising places for me. In fact, if I could, I would permanently live on that farm.


Tshepang ‘Twiggy’ Mollison: Travel and lifestyle blogger ‘Sleeplessinsoweto’ blog: Cape Town


Your favourite Sho’t Left destination and why? Cape Town, because you have the beauty of the mountains, the ocean and the city. Literally, all my favourite things in one place. I really love the vibe and the atmosphere.

What do you think prevents more people from travelling around SouthAfrica? I think mostly it’s being narrow-minded and only considering South Africa as their immediate environment. Travelling really opens one’s mind, and a person who hasn’t really travelled around South Africa will obviously not be aware that there is far more to our country than the neighbourhood you live in.

Where would you go on a weekend getaway? I would definitely go to Stellenbosch for its collection of boutique hotels that are designed for relaxation. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so you really get your peace of mind.