Summer in South Africa means late sunsets, so people can get exploring. One of the activities is a beach trip. Pictures: Supplied.

Currently, the sun is setting later, days are longer and it’s that time of year when everyone is going back to work – even though we really don’t want to. We’re still looking at those summer holiday photos and wishing we could still be off to enjoy the best that Cape Town has to offer. Thankfully, you totally can in Cape Town. Here are five easy ways to continue to feel that summer vibe even if you are back at work: 

Enjoy after-work summer foods and drinks at a great location

Cocktails, mocktails, beers and more ‒ there are many beverages that you can indulge in after a long day at the office. Head to a spot like the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront where you are able to taste some amazing Tiki cocktails made by the new barman, AJ Snetler, but you can also you can also give the new tapas menu a try. Think unique treats like ostrich bobotie, crisp cumin calamari tentacles, smoked snoek and onion samosa. Plus, you get to enjoy what is one of the best views in Cape Town. An after-work session here will definitely make you feel as though you are in full holiday mode.

Visit a summer market

Cape Town markets are perhaps one of the most popular pastimes for locals. During summer, there are more markets than you can keep track of, so if you are looking for a unique place to shop, eat and be merry, then definitely check out a summer market or two.

 Open-air events

From concerts to movie nights, there are plenty of open-air events happening in and around Cape Town. And while some are reserved for the weekends, many take place after work during the week, like open-air movies or mid-week music nights. This a great way to get together with friends during this summer period and enjoy the late sunsets and summer vibes.

 Go to the beach

This might sound like a no-brainer, but we often forget that, yes, we can just go to the beach for no reason ‒ even if you’re working. Pack your beach bag the night before and look up the closest beach to your office or home. Then head there straight after work. With the sun only setting at around 8pm in summer, you could easily get at least two hours of beach time in before you need to head home. Nothing makes you feel more like you’re still on holiday than spending time at the beach.

Explore the city parks

At this time of year, some city parks and nature reserves stay open a little longer due to the sun going down a bit later in the evening. If you fancy a run, walk or even just an evening picnic, look into which parks or reserves in your area are open after you knock off work. It could be a fun family activity to create those incredible family memories.