The African penguins have put Boulders Beach, Simons Town, |on the map. Picture: Jason Boud

You can swim with endangered African penguins – or simply take in the view of the pristine beach surrounded by massive 20 million-year-old granite boulders.

These are some of the characteristics that landed Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, a spot on the list of the “top 10 truly unique beaches in the world”.

Trip Advisor, a website that aggregates information from travellers around the world, gave Boulders Beach eighth place on the list.

Skye Grove, from Cape Town Tourism, told the Cape Times that they were overjoyed to receive the award. “Trip Advisor is a user-generated review site,” she said. “It aggregates the opinions of travellers.”

Monique Ruthenberg, section ranger at the beach, said the experience of the beach can be best summed up by a sign that reads: “The easiest place in the world to make the acquaintance of an African penguin.”

“We are home to 2 500 endangered African penguins,” she said. - Cape Times