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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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PICS: A behind the scenes look at the Cape Town Carnival

A lot of work goes into the making of this spectacular carnival. Pictures: Bernelee Vollmer

A lot of work goes into the making of this spectacular carnival. Pictures: Bernelee Vollmer

Published Feb 21, 2022


The pandemic stole so much from us, including the greatest events. However, things have taken a turn, and the Cape Town Carnival finally returns.

This event is very special and people hold it dear to their hearts and calendars. It includes a variety of shows that are affordable, enriched with colour and history. From the costumes to the majestic artwork and puppets.

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A lot of work goes into the making of this spectacular carnival, and we were able to have a sneak peek into what goes on. Some of the staff members involved in the skills development shared their input on how long they’ve been part of this historic event.

“I’ve been with the carnival for 11 years now, and it has been an amazing experience, and I love being a part of the Cape Town Carnival,” says Nav, leader of the skills department who creates the big and small beautiful sculptures you see on the day of the event. This includes the stage work, puppets, and so much more.

One of the sculptures, or shall I say icons is the one we see below. She is a sea sangoma, also known as a water goddess. This iconic sculpture is a symbol of inspiration for women to rise up.

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This icon will be standing 10 meters tall at the company Gardens on the day of the Carnival, 19 February.

Now some of you may ask, what do the shows entail? Well, there’s definitely lots of dancing and singing to enjoy. Some of the performances include dance and singing groups, coming from people from all walks of life, giving up their time to entertain you.

Michelle Davis Dance Crew

The dance crews consist of 50 members, with the oldest age group being 60. However, due to regulations in place, only 20 people were selected to be part of the Cape Town Carnival. The crew worked hard on their choreography and is excited to share their moves and talent with the rest of Cape Town.

It’s always nice to see the diversity, the passion and the love the members share and express through their artwork. Singing and dancing is a part of Africa, and it is important to embrace talents such as these.

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All the colourful and vibrant costumes are made by the costume department, where everything is designed with colour and sparkles.

“The inspiration with designing comes from different places, different people, everyone. It comes from within, creativity is in my bones already,” says Huda, Head of the Costume Department.

Each department is working hard to make this event a success. As stated before, there’s a lot of love and culture to experience at the Cape Town Carnival, including all age groups. Make sure to get your tickets, where it will all come together, with five hubs, five shows, and one celebration.

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The Cape Town Carnival takes place on March 19, 2022