Cape Town was placed 7th in’s 50 of the world's most beautiful cities list. Picture: Elisha Dibakoane
Cape Town was placed 7th in’s 50 of the world's most beautiful cities list. Picture: Elisha Dibakoane

PICS: This SA city made the world's 50 most beautiful cities list

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Oct 16, 2019

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Cape Town was voted 7th in’s 50 of the world's most beautiful cities list. 

Paris, France, topped the list, followed by New York, US, in the second position, and London, the UK, in third position.

The online travel publication spoke to over 1 000 travel industry experts from all around the globe to hear their views. revealed that the collaboration produced the most thoughtful and definitive list of the World’s Best Cities, a guide that travellers could use as inspiration for their future travels. 

"So grab your passport, because we’re taking you from fairytale-like pink city of Jaipur to the Game of Thrones backdrop of Dubrovnik and over to the modern metropolis of Dubai," the travel site teased readers.

Here are the top 50: 

1. Paris, France

 2. New York, United States of America

 3. London, England, United Kingdom

4. Venice, Italy

5. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 6. Barcelona, Spain

 7. Cape Town, South Africa

 8. San Francisco, United States of America

 9.Sydney, Australia

 10. Rome, Italy

 11. Singapore city, Singapore

 12. Lisbon, Portugal

 13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

 14. Prague, Czech Republic

 15. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 16. Budapest, Hungary

 17. Istanbul, Turkey

 18. Tokyo, Japan

 19. Vienna, Austria

 20. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The rest of the top 50 include:

21. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

22. San Diego, United States of America

23. Quebec City, Canada

24. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

25 Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

26. Bruges, Belgium

27. Madrid, Spain

28. Havana, Cuba

29. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

30. Jerusalem, Israel

31. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

32.Quito, Ecuador

33. Zurich, Switzerland

34.Cusco, Peru

35. St. Petersburg, Russia

36. Berlin, Germany

37. Hanoi, Vietnam

38. Queenstown, New Zealand

39. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

40.Seoul, South Korea

41. Dubrovnik, Croatia

42. San Sebastian, Spain

43. Bangkok, Thailand

44. Cartagena, Colombia

45. Dublin, Ireland

46. Marrakesh, Morocco

47. Bergen, Norway

48. Jaipur, India

49. Beijing, China

50. Athens, Greece

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