Cape Town Tourism The Insider's Guide, part of the “Love Cape Town Neighbourhoods” video series, takes a look at Mitchells Plain.

Cape Town Tourism “Love Cape Town Neighbourhoods” video series is focusing on Mitchells Plain as one of their neighbourhoods to visit.

The latest video shifts the conversations to locals who are making a difference in the vibrant neighbourhood.

20Sk8, a group of men from the Cape Flats who are trying to grow the skateboarding community, Leigh Brown, the director of SEED, an organisation that works with unemployed youth, and artist Anwar Davids are among those featured in the video.

Fatima Sydow, Cookbook Author and Mitchells Plain resident, said, in the video, that the best thing about Mitchells Plain was its people.

“We don’t have the most aesthetic areas but it’s got heart. You may not see it if you just fly over it, but it’s got lots of heart!,” she said.

Cape Town Tourism decided to create videos of the different neighbourhoods to showcase the locals and the different offerings.

CEO of Cape Town Tourism, Enver Duminy, said Mitchells Plain is a central part to daily life in Cape Town, being home to over 300 000 locals.

“Within the neighbourhood, you get a real sense of what life is like for a Capetonian, and it’s full of arts and culture, too. I grew up in the suburb, so I have always had a close affiliation to the people and places you encounter and see. The “travel like a local” trend must be inclusive, taking visitors deeper into the heart of the city, and that’s why we are seeking to showcase as many neighbourhoods as we can,” he said.

Duminy explained that the video was a way to showcase the beauty of the area rather than the negative elements, like crime, that is often associated with  Mitchells Plain.

“Locals who live there are realists who recognise the need to address the negative side to Mitchells Plain, but they’re also committed to making the most out of their daily lives. “Revealing more about the suburb can help to demystify perceptions, and hopefully be a catalyst that encourages more locals to visit there and to get engaged with residents and community projects,”he said.

Watch the video here: