Wife accused of murder tells of sexual abuse

Time of article published Jun 4, 2001

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A British mother-of-seven has told the Pretoria High Court in graphic detail of her life of sexual torture with her third husband, whom she has admitted to having had killed.

Lynn Catherine Harvey, 48, of Vanderbijlpark, described the events that led to her hiring a hitman to kill Steven Harvey on September 25, 1999.

Mrs Harvey, her son John Hoare, 23, and hitman Mpho Mokoena, 38, who stabbed Harvey to death in return for R40 000, were earlier found guilty of murder in the Vanderbijlpark Circuit Court.

Harvey testified that her father had raped her since she was 14, and she was pregnant when she left her parental home. She added it was not clear if her first child was fathered by her own father or by her husband.

The court heard how she, her son John and her daughter Marie Ann Harvey had planned for about four years to kill Mr Harvey. One plan was that her son's girlfriend would lure him into bed.

The accused would then walk in on them and stab Mr Harvey in a rage. All these plans were abandoned when her son got Mokoena to do the killing.

Mokoena stabbed Mr Harvey several times in the main bedroom. It was arranged to look like a robbery, so Mrs Harvey arranged with a friend to assault her and tie her up.

Mrs Harvey described in detail how her husband used to abuse her, both sexually and physically. She inherited R500 000 from her husband's life assurance, which she brought up to date just before the murder.

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