Carry your printed e-ticket urges travel company. Picture: British Airways.
Passengers departing South Africa on British Airways flights should carry a printed copy of their e-ticket and should arrive at the airport earlier than usual, Flight Centre Travel Group has advised. 

The company also advised that passengers who have an onward connection on British Airways should check with the airline or Flight Centre Travel Group following a major IT systems glitch which led to thousands of British Airways flights being cancelled or delayed over the weekend.

Karin Smit, Air Warehouse Leader for Flight Centre Travel Group, says while British Airways has indicated that the issues affecting their system in SA has been resolved and that flights departing from Johannesburg and Cape Town are back to normal, passengers flying BA internationally should still take precautions.

“All international passengers flying British Airways should carry a printed copy of their e-ticket just in case there are any further issues. And there is still some knock-on effect being felt domestically and regionally to and from the UK (London Heathrow and Gatwick), so if passengers have an onward connection, they should check their flight status on the BA website or contact their Flight Centre Travel Group travel consultant,” she says. 

Smit also advised British Airways passengers to “arrive earlier than usual for their BA flight until the situation is completely resolved”.

She adds that passengers whose flights were cancelled over the weekend were entitled to a full refund or can rebook at no additional cost in the same cabin.