Flag of Ghana. Photo: Shutterstock
Our #SpotlightAfrica, country of the week is Ghana. With a population of  just over 28 million people and a land mass of 238 535km² it is also one of the continent’s fastest growing economies. So while you plan your trip to Ghana here are the top five things to do when you get to Ghana: 

      1. Eat as much as you can 
From dishes such as Jollof rice, red red, fish and plantains Ghana has a variety of dishes available that tourists should treat themselves to. Just be sure you keep check of what you’re allergic to as some common sources of allergies like nuts are used to prepare the dishes. Ask the waitrons. 
        A  Jollof Rice and chicken dish as cooked in Ghana. Photo: BetumiBlog

      2. Visit the Markets
The biggest market in West Africa is the Kumasi Central Market, also known as the Kejetia Market is in the southern part of Ghana. It has over 45 000 stores and stalls. But while you’re at the Kejetia you can also pay a visit to the Makola market in Accra. It was initially established in 1924 and you can find a variety of products there.

          An aerial view shot of the Kejetia Market in southern Ghana. Photo: flyingfourchette

      3.  Visit the Cape Coast Castle
One of the forty castles that were initially built by European traders, the castle stands where an initial timber structure was built in 1653. At the trade port, people traded in gold, mahogany, clothing, blankets, spices, sugar and silk. Another valuable commodity at the time was slaves. As a result, the castle was modified with a dungeon, that could hold up to 1000 slaves awaiting export. 

Today the castle is a tourist destination. A  museum that tourists can visit to learn more about the country's history. 

      4. Head of to Osu, Oxford Street for a taste of modern Ghana
A hive of activity at all hours of the day, Oxford Street is filled with stores and restaurants that will keep you entertained for most of the day. At night time the area comes alive with streets on end that are lined with bars. A must have experience for anyone that visits that country. 

        A shot of Oxford Street in Osu Ghana during the day. Photo: AfroTourism

    5. Visit the Kakum National Park

The value of visiting an African country is that we are never in short supply of wildlife. While you are enjoying your stay in the continent, you can pay a visit to the Kakum National Park that spans an estimated   350km²s  with 226 known species of bird living in the park. Eight of whom are of global conservation concern. 

The park is open from Monday to Saturday. Visit: http://kakumnationalpark.ghana-net.com/index.html for more information on the park.