The Essence Festival will be lighting up Durban this September. Photo: Essence
The movie Girls Trip is a show of  the ultimate sisterhood. And just as in the movie why don't you plan a similar outing to the Essence Festival to be held in Durban later this year? 

The festival will be taking place from September 26 to October 1 this year. If the highlights of the 2016 edition are anything to go by, 2017 should be an even bigger jump. Our inspiration came from watching what was possibly one of the most important movies to come out of the US this year. For all its laughter and happy scenes, Girls Trip does a few important things for the viewer. The film allows for something that is rarely depicted on screen, for Black women to be seen, well in their late 30s and early 40s, living their best life. It also has moments where it deals with some very real and specific issues. Of perceived success, of personhood and personal development and of maintaining friendships throughout life's challenges. 

We are however, taking some slightly different cues from The Flossy Posse-specifically around planning a killer road trip with some of your best girl friends on your way to the Essence Festival in Durban later this year.  

1. Know thy Essence

The festival takes place annually in the US. It will be entering into its second year in Durban South Africa. It is a lifestyle festival, with conferences, talks and a major concert at the end featuring some of the finest African and American performers. It is an outing and half that will leave you informed, inspired and you will be having loads of fun. Festival tickets are already on sale and range from R155 to R435. 

When summer is almost over in the U.S., but will start soon in South Africa. 📷: @keneilwe_mothoa #EssenceFestDBN

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2. Find the specials targeted at the festivals

There are currently a number of package deals that deal with flights and accommodation for the festival. Do not be afraid to hunt for these specials. While they will minus the fun of being on the road with your best pals, they are essentially cheaper and will minus the headache for you. Here is one such example of a packaged deal.

3. Travel with your equivalent of the Flossy Posse

Road trips or trips in general can be really enjoyable but they can also be an absolute mess.  You need to be with people who you love and respect, who you won't get tired of being with. Good friends can make the outing one to remember. 

For more information on the festival, visit the Essence website here