Females, do not let your nerves ruin your first flight. Here are some tips to help you. Picture: DOMINIK MENTZOS.

Flying can be daunting in itself, especially after hearing about the horror plane stories, but as a first time female traveller it's okay to have some nerves. Flying is not as bad once you get over the initial nerves. Here are some tips to help you ease into your first time flight.

Check in online

There is nothing worst than having to sit in an uncomfortable seat, next to someone who makes it more unpleasant. Checking online gives you the freedom to choose seats that you want. Although you cannot choose your fellow passengers, at least one aspect of the flight will be easier.

Arrive early to the airport

Arrive at the airport even if you have to get to the airport two hours before take off. Dropping off your bags amid long queues, followed by security checks can be time consuming. Besides, you do not want to miss your first flight.

If you early, have a glass of champagne

I feel a glass of champagne or wine always calms me before a flight, but do not over do it on the alcohol. You want to be sober for your first flight.

Follow the flight procedures

No one ever looks at the safety instructions by flight attendants, but essentially you should. While you may not think you are in danger of a plane emergency, knowing the instructions will help you should anything happen. This is why being sober comes in handy.


Flying helps me relax and be in deep thought. Do not allow your thoughts to wander to the negative side, just enjoy the ride. If you comfortable, start a conversation with your fellow passenger.