The Association in London is one of the places to visit for a good cuppa. Picture: Association website.

Whether it’s a strong ‘cuppa java’ espresso style you’re after, following a long tiring flight, or a refreshing iced coffee beverage, Flight Centre’s travel experts know the best spots to visit for your first experience of a new city. Here is their list of some of the best coffee spots in a few of the most popular travel destinations around the world.

New York roast
Black Fox Coffee Co.
Rated as having the best bean selection in the city, Black Fox Coffee Co. is packed to the rafters with locals looking for their daily caffeine fix. It’s a definite must for coffee connoisseurs.
This go-to coffee spot combines flavour and experience where patrons not only get to choose their bean from a variety on the menu, but also which brewing technique they would prefer.
Mauritian wake-ups
Cafè La Fournaise
Located on Sunset Boulevard with a distinctly French Riviera feel, it provides a great spot to grab a coffee.
Roman Espresso
Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè
Founded in the thirties and located in the heart of Rome, Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè is a Roman coffee institution.
La Casa Del Caffè Tazza D’oro
Located to the left of the Pantheon, this top-rated café is consistently rated as serving the best coffee in Rome.
London lattes
The Association
In close proximity to the Gherkin, this stylish coffee bar is renowned for its ‘citrussy-sharp’ espresso.
Sydney’s creamiest
The Reformatory Caffeine Lab
This top-rated coffee spot takes on an experimental approach to coffee brewing applying a unique twist to each delicious cup.
Reuben Hills
Any local or tourist that takes their coffee seriously needs to take time out to attend one of their free coffee tasting sessions, all of which offer up a number of experimental bean roasting.
Phuket Perks
Since 1892
The interior of this quirky café displays a hodgepodge collection of bric-a-brac and also makes a mean cup of coffee.
Cape Town coffee culture
Bean There Coffee Company
This popular outlet ensures a direct fair trade link where the company’s owners travel to the farms they source their coffee from and pick their own beans. They also make use of a unique roasting method ensuring each cup of coffee is at its aromatic best.

Truth Coffee Roasting
Steampunk-themed Truth Coffee in Buitenkant street in Cape Town, was voted by The Telegraph, as being the  best coffee shop in the whole world – making it a must visit, see if you agree!