Christ the Redeemer in Brazil is quite popular among tourists. Picture: Pexels.

Travel expert Contiki recently undertook research to unveil the top 10 destinations 18-35-year-old South Africans are aspiring to travel to in 2018. IOL Travel published the reasons why travellers want to visit countries, from global politics to travel allowing them to get out of their travel zone.

Here is the top 10 countries that they want to visit:

United States

The Big Apple, Sin City, The Deep South, National Parks and did someone say road trip? Yes, the USA has a lot going on. And the South African travellers want a piece of the action. The bright light big cities of LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas are brimming with culture, cuisine and endless entertainment, while the coastal roads of California offer a whole new level of sun-kissed beach vibes.


A shot of London.

It might be small but the UK is full of history, heritage and beautiful countryside. From the party towns of Manchester and Liverpool to the never-ending rolling hills of the Lake District, abundance of Irish pubs and the bagpipes in Scotland, this is a destination with so much to offer.


This is a continent full of bucket list musts. With the sun filled seasons attracting young people from South Africa in their masses, Australia offers everything from outback experiences, to slow pace cities and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. Head to the white sandy beaches of Noosa, Fraser Island, Byron Bay and the Whitsundays.


Christ the Redeemer in Brazil is quite popular among tourists. Picture: Pexels.

The sandy beaches, rainforests and diverse ecosystem make this one of the most iconic places in the world. Home to legendary cities including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador, Brazil really is one big adventure. Visit the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, head to a favela party and kick back with some caipirinhas.


The climate, cuisine, terrain, endless adventurers, and buzzing cities make China one of the most diverse countries around, and the South Africans want to experience it all. Be it skiing in the snow-capped mountains of Tibet or getting lost in the history and shopping of Shanghai, this country has it all in store.


Canada offer stunning mountain views. Picture: Pexels.

Known for its glistening mountain ranges, vast landscape, wildlife, remote beaches, captivating cities and adventure activities, it seems Canada is very much on the South Africans travel agenda. The second largest country on earth boasts a wealth of culture, unspoilt wilderness and cool cafes.


German offers up some of Europe's greatest cities, enchanting landscapes, an intoxicating mix of historical architecture and nightlife, and of course that legendary beer festival making this country one of the hottest destinations for 18-35 year olds. Berlin, Munich and Hamburg make Germany the perfect city go-to.


Italy is filled with culture and cuisine. Picture: Pexels.

Irresistible food, amazing architecture, incredible art and stunning scenery, there’s no wonder the la dolce vita life of Italy is so inviting. With the art filled cities of Rome, Venice and Florence, the wine region of Tuscany and the stylish sophistication of Cinque Terre, Milan and Lake Como, Italy really does have an abundance to offer.


The cuisine, unique culture, sights and stunning beaches of France make it one of the most iconic destinations for 18-35-year old South Africans to travel to. With beautiful architecture, some of the best food and wine around and a certain sophistication, there’s no wonder the coastlines, countryside and cities of France are so appealing.


Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Pexels.

You can expect to find traditional culture, art, dynamic cities and Japanese cuisine in this adventure packed destination. Receive a traditional footbath in your hotel's hot springs in Takayama, explore the Tsukiji Fish Markets in Tokyo and eat teppanyaki and sushi to your heart's content all whilst being guided around one of the world’s most unique countries.