Around 100 passengers, including children, were allegedly left stranded after a Ryanair flight departed from another airport. Picture: Instagram/Ryanair.

Ryanair has caused a social media frenzy, and not in a good way. 

Around 100 passengers, including children, were allegedly left stranded after Flight FR1902 departed from another airport. The flight, scheduled to travel from Krakow in Poland to Dublin in Ireland on Friday, was delayed and later diverted to Katowice Airport, which was an hour away. 

According to Dublin Live, the passengers waited in the queue for two hours before being told the flight was diverted to Katowice Airport, which took off without the passengers at Krakow. While some frantically tried to find an alternative to travel, others waited hours before they received any feedback about their travel nightmare. 

Passengers and family members shared their thoughts on the incident on Twitter. 

@PMorrisLennon tweeted: “Shame on you Ryanair. All these people left stranded in Krakow on Friday. Many of them still there. #ryanair #krakow ⁦@RTENewsNow⁩ @dublinlive Thankfully our daughter has made it home after getting herself to Berlin and buying a new flight.” (sic). 

@Barbara79687471 tweeted: “@Ryanair Please have the courtesy to provide information to passengers of flight FR1902 from Krakow to Dublin. We are stranded in Krakow airport with no information as to when buses will arrive to bring us to Katowice airport for our diverted flight, which leaves in 40 mins???" (sic). 

@lukebeslayinari tweeted: "52 hours later and finally home no thanks to @Ryanair who refused to help or speak to us at all throughout the duration of it all, not even an explanation. Not an offer of food or even water. Plenty of pictures and videos coming your way #krakow"(sic). 

@catjsawkins addressed her parking situation issue to Dublin Airport: “ @DublinAirport Hi, Ryanair have lied to 100 passengers causing us to be delayed and standing in Krakow for 18 hours, is it cheaper to pay for a day parking now, or when I get back as I will be over 24 hours late to the blue carpark. Thanks.” (sic).