File photo: Victoria Parker, 41, and Paul Dempsey, 44, were escorted off their British Airways flight back from Greece. Picture: AP

London - A couple given £300 (about R5 600) for being chucked off a plane for being "drunk and disruptive" have lost the payout after they complained it was too small.

Victoria Parker, 41, and Paul Dempsey, 44, were escorted off their British Airways flight back from Greece.

Cabin crew took action when fellow passengers complained about the couple’s behaviour.

Parker said she had downed only a couple of drinks and, after complaining about their treatment, the couple were sent £300 in vouchers as an apology.

The hairdresser and mother of one pressed her case however because she was furious about having to pay £700 for new flights and an extra night in a hotel.

Her objections sparked a BA investigation that found the vouchers and apology had been sent in error. The airline then withdrew the payout.

Parker said: "It is totally outrageous and none of it makes sense. BA called to say the vouchers were no longer valid and the real reason we were kicked off plane was because we were both disruptive." 

She said BA had cited a complaint from a passenger "whereas at the airport it was because I touched someone’s arm". She added: "They are backtracking. Why was I cleared through security if I was a disruption?

"Why has it gone from me touching a man’s arm to us both being complained about. They aren’t being entirely clear because they are covering it up. I am so furious about this. It’s so corrupt. I don’t care about the vouchers. We’ve been stitched up and they should have investigated it themselves before removing us. Shouldn’t it be the captain’s decision?

"I accept I was a bit squiffy after three drinks sat in the sun, but I was not in anyway disruptive."

Parker, from Peterborough, said the incident – and the extra £700 cost – had ruined a wonderful holiday on Naxos. She insisted she had drunk only two glasses of wine and an ouzo while her engineer partner has stayed off alcohol because they had parked their car at Heathrow.

A BA spokesperson said: "Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated on board our aircraft and we will always take the appropriate action. Unfortunately this email was sent in error and we have been in contact with our customer to explain this."

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