A team of eight Nepalese climbing guides fixing ropes on Mount Everest reached the summit on Tuesday. Pic: Bai Yui

Kathmandu - A team of eight Nepalese climbing guides fixing ropes on Mount Everest reached the summit on Tuesday, becoming the first to scale the world's highest peak from the Nepalese side in this year's spring season.

The team of high-altitude climbers fixed ropes from the nearest camp to Everest's summit, an operation that had been delayed for a few days due to high winds.

"Eight members of the rope-fixing team reached the summit of Everest," said Gyanendra Shrestha, a government official at Everest base camp.

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This is Annapurna summit day on 23/4/19 at around 1530. A pretty spectacular feeling. The photo says it all. A lot of tired but very ecstatic people. It’s a shame the photo is being ruined by the Englishman in yellow that has accidentally ended up on the summit of Annapurna (me). . It’s a pretty surreal moment the summit of a mountain. What you see in this photo is a group of people celebrating in the sun. They’re celebrating because they have just summited the most coveted 8000m peak and some of these guys have taken years to get here. What you don’t see in the photo is the bitter cold wind, the exhaustion, the dehydration, the fact there is no more solid ground around you and the effects high altitude has on the body. It makes you incredibly vulnerable and can be pretty daunting. . At this point you’re only half way and it requires a lot of concentration and focus to back down safely. Statistically this is where the majority of accidents happen. Then it’s time to chill. and properly celebrate. . #annapurna #annapurna2019 #projectpossible #mountain #everest #everest2019 #mountains #mounteverest #kathmandu #adventure #adventuretime #travel #travelphotography #climb #climbing #nepal #himalayas #summit #nature #naturephotography #climbers #climbersofinstagram #mounteverestofficial #himalayanhigh #tent #basecamp #k2

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Some 378 climbers and their guides were at several camps on the 8,848-metre peak, waiting for favourable weather conditions.

The spring climbing season runs from April until the end of May.

About 5,000 people have successfully topped Everest, which straddles the border between Nepal and China.