Domestic airline Fly Safair was recently awarded two top accomplishments by their frequent fliers. Picture: Supplied.
Fly Safair had two great reasons to pop the bubbly this week. The low-cost carrier airline was voted the Best Airline in African and Indian Ocean - and took the honours as the Best Economy Class for the same region - in the 2018 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards for airlines.

Sales and Distribution manager, Kirby Gordon, commented on Fly Safair’s accolades.

She said: “What we appreciate is that it’s based on the votes and feedback of actual consumers which makes it valuable to us. While it’s amazing to be honoured by a formal panel of judges, it’s more in keeping with our business philosophy to receive that accolade from our actual customers.”

Gordon confirmed that the airlines success boils down it offering travellers the options of cheap and hassle-free travel and, most importantly, its punctuality.

“Keeping our costs low, means that we can offer cheaper travel. We believe that is imperative to stay on time - people rely on you to get them to where they want to be, when they expect to be there. Last, we always aim to make our travel hassle-free and that everything runs smoothly. That includes glitch-free usage on our website, offering easy solutions like online check-in and mobile boarding passes, smooth boarding processes. All these little things add up to make for a better travel experience,” Gordon said.

To celebrate their latest accomplishment, Fly Safair launched their new livery for airplane crew members, their reason being that the airline wanted to celebrate their accomplishment, not just with the public, but also with the crew members who contributed to the airline being voted as the Best Airline in Africa and Indian Ocean.

“Our teams love the jobs that they do, and we believe that this spirit is what drives our great performance and customer experience. Achieving this award is something that our teams should be very proud of, and are, so it was important to recognise their hard work by memorialising the achievement”.

Apart from being a competitively priced airline carrier, Fly Safair is also a popular choice of travel for the country’s sports teams. It is already the official airline carrier of the Springboks.

“We’ve had the great honour of flying loads of our sports stars including soccer teams, Olympic athletes, Paraolympic athletes and even a few retired stars,” Gordon noted.

She mentioned that they do fly other national sports teams, but that their focus was always quality over quantity when it came to sponsorships.

Gordon explained: “From a sponsorship perspective we do have our hands a bit full at the moment with the Boks’ undertaking and we’ve always believed that if we’re going to do something, you need to make sure that we do it right.”

Gordon, however, does not rule out the possibility of partnering with our other national sports teams, and at this rate, Fly Safair may just overtake major domestic airlines.

She said their awards did not mean that they could relax, but rather the opposite: they have to work harder as a successful airline carrier.

“We have a very important philosophy whereby we treat every day as if it were day one. It’s very important to us that we keep improving. Our awards is also a constant reminder that we’ve set a new standard that we now have to beat.”