Until now, the airline charged for the carriage golf bags. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

Johannesburg - Low-cost airline Mango will waive all golf bag fees for travel over the holiday period.

The golf bag waive is effective from December 1, 2016 for all new bookings made after November 1, 2016 and will remain in place until after the holiday season, ending January 30, 2017.

Until now, the airline charged for the carriage golf bags. During the promotional period, golf bags will be weighed in as part of Mango’s full 20kg checked bag allowance.

While golf bags are handled differently in terms of operational process, Mango will absorb the additional cost during the holiday season.

Spokesperson Hein Kaiser says that the airline’s Johannesburg-George route will benefit in particular. “The Garden Route’s popularity as a golfing destination continues to grow and Mango carries thousands of gold bags annually.

“During December we expect to carry triple the normal volume of golf equipment, which would likely be doubled again considering the waivered fees.”

He adds that this initiative forms one of several planned in celebration of the airline’s tenth birthday later this month.

The Star