EpicHikes was born from the passion for the outdoors and adventure of exploring them. From every valley and stream explored to the pictures captured, EpicHikes aims to spread a love for the wilderness. 

I witnessed this first hand when I cycled and hiked with the group a few months ago. New faces, a zest for exploration and an energy for life is what I experienced.

"We ask all dope souls to join us this Sunday for yet another Epic Hike at the Shelter Rock Hiking Trail – NB:(Dope souls need dope souls)," said EpicHikes founder, Lesego Mapeka. For more details follow us on @epichikes across all social media platforms."

"Join us as we take the next step and keep exploring without relent. We think we have mastered what it feels like to trust the unknown and learn not to fear it. One of our mantras are for our fellow Epic Hikers to fill their Lives with experiences, not things. We want them to have stories to tell, not things to show."

One thing Mapeka loves seeing is people coming to the hikes alone so that they can meet and interact with new people. It adds a different dynamic to the experience and allows people to move out of their shells. 

"We are not only a hiking club but a community of really great souls that know the importance of friendships and how they influence one's lifestyle habits," he says. "We firmly believe that it is not the mountain that you conquer, but yourself. The outdoors is more than a hobby, but a culture: a culture that values adventure and the beauty found in the wildest parts of the earth."

If you're interested in joining this hike or finding out more, contact Lesego on 0814921864 or  [email protected]