The Reddit user posted this disturbing picture on the forum. Picture: Reddit.

The space in economy class is surprisingly small. Some travellers take matters in their own hands to ensure that they are comfortable, even if it means irking their fellow passengers. 

Just ask Reddit user u/Addian4 who posted a picture of a passenger’s feet dangled over her headrest. 

The user who sneaked a selfie posted: “This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane.”

While it is uncertain which airline the user flew, the passenger (and her feet) surely needed to be put in their place. 

The Reddit user posted this disturbing picture on the forum. Picture: Reddit.

The viral post garnered over 1000 comments. 

Darth_Hoodieness suggested that the user confront the passenger. “Just get up and tell them to stop and if they don’t listen to tell a flight attendant.”(sic)

Animeisfordorks felt that approach “too sensible” and suggested that the passenger “Grab a pen or something and tickle and poke at them first.”

Manda00710 relieved her own experience: “I was on a flight a few years back with a lady who did that. Her gross pale bare feet up against the front wall the entire flight. They never said anything to get about stopping though, maybe because she was in first class, I don't know. Some people are just gross with zero regard for anyone but themselves.” (sic). 

BeingRightAmbassador recommended: “The single answer to every seat kicker, seat pusher, feet placer, etc is to lean forward, then violently slam back into the seat and making it shake. 2-3 times is usually all you need and it has a 100% success rate in my 100+ flights.” (sic). 

Even celebrities face the same predicament. 

According to USA Today, Olympic snowboarding star Shaun White captured a video of a fellow flyer behind him wiggling her toes over his head.