Mango Airlines said in a statement that an agreement has been made between the parties. Picture: TripAdvisor.

Mango Airlines will be returning to normal operations from Saturday, October 21. 

The airlines released a statement on Friday morning, confirming that an agreement has been reached between management and some of its flight deck crew employees, who are represented by Solidarity. The specifics of which are at the prerogative of our employees to disclose.

Mango airline's flight crews downed tools at 5 am on Monday morning after wage negotiations with Solidarity collapsed. Solidarity demanded an 8.5 percent wage hike, but Mango is only offered 6 percent.

"Mango Airlines will be returning to normal operations as of Saturday, 21 October 2017. For those traveling with Mango Airlines today, please take note of schedule changes published yesterday on our social media channels and our website," the statement read. 
"Mango would like to thank its guests for their support and patience during the four-day strike. We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of our team members and associates during this time who worked tirelessly to make sure Mango Guests reached their destination," it added. 
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