Cape Town couple, Lauren and Peter Apperley quit their corporate jobs to travel the world with their son, Aiden. Picture: Facebook.

Meet Peter Apperley, his wife Lauren and their three year old son Aiden. This Cape Town couple decided to quit their corporate jobs last year to travel the world with their son. 

They wanted to focus on raising their son and strengthening their marriage while they explored the world. 

“We were struggling with the concept of spending most of our time at work, and very little time with our son. We decided that it was best to leave our corporate jobs and travel the world,” said  Peter.

Cape Town couple, Lauren and Peter Apperley quit their corporate jobs to travel the world with their son, Aiden. Picture: Facebook.

The couple share some tips on their travels:

The couple said their travels taught them many lessons.
“Travel teaches you to slow down and relax, the value of time and the importance of spending quality time together.
“Travel allows you to meet different people and learn about their cultures.”

It all started…

Lauren and Peter enjoying the beautiful scenery in and around Berchtesgaden. Picture: Facebook.

All the Apperley family did when they planned their travel in 2016 was book a ticket to Rio and two week’s accommodation. 

“We knew which countries we wanted to visit and their visa requirements. Beyond that, we did not plan ahead. There has been times when we only decided on our next destination just a few days before we left,” said Peter.

South Africa is still a unique destination
The couple said South Africa offers so much variety to travelers, from beach getaways, to the wildlife and vibrant cities.
“South Africa offers really good value for money, compared to the rest of the world. The places we have been do not offer such a variety of experiences like South Africa does…”

The $100 a day budget

The couple are proud of their $100 a day budget. The budget is for accommodation, living expenses and all activities.

Travelling with a toddler 

Aiden explores Kuala Lumpur, with a dip in the infinity pool on the 37th of our apartment block.Picture: Facebook.

Lauren said Aiden learned to adapt to change well. 

“He is no longer reliant on routine. There are challenges, but we deal with it as it comes. Some of the issues we face is finding him food that he eats and him adjusting to the language barrier. Most of the time he has been amazing. started this journey, he did not like being in the car for more than an hour, but now he can comfortably sit on an aeroplane for 11 hours without a problem,” she said.

What’s next?

The couple are not sure what they will do when they return to Cape Town, but there are talks of writing a book. 

“Our perspective on life has completely changed. The 9-5 grind doesn’t hold the appeal it once did. We will be spending the next couple of months figuring out what next.

"We will definitely do more travelling, and hope to travel through Africa in the future,” said Peter.

In the meanwhile, Aiden will attend school.

There’s lots to see

On their bucket list is Croatia, Japan, India and New Zealand,

Clarifying the misconceptions of travel

The couple said people thought it was always a ‘relaxing and easy life’. 

“It’s actually a lot of work, and we spend a lot of time planning and managing budgets. Travel is far more affordable and achievable than most people think.

 Just put together a budget and plan a trip around that, you will be amazed at how much you will actually be able to do within that budget,” said Lauren. 

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