MSC Cruises has enlisted 9 content curators to share the journey. Picture: MSC Cruises.

MSC Magnifica embarked on a world cruise from Barcelona this week. For many, the idea of seeing the world is just a dream, but a world cruise is an easy way to make this dream come true. Besides, one does not have to unpack a suitcase more than once! MSC Magnifica’s guests will visit 49 different destinations and create unforgettable memories, as they check destinations off their bucket lists. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean; through the Panama Canal and over the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, through the Gulf and back to Europe, it is truly the trip of a lifetime.

To capture this incredible journey and to inspire others to consider embarking on an exceptional experience, MSC Cruises has enlisted a team of content creators to take part in the first round-the-world relay race at sea on board MSC Magnifica as she journeys for 119 days across six continents, travelling 32,260 nautical miles and crossing24 time zones.

 The 9 social influencers from different parts of the world will each sail a different segment of the cruise and capture their experiences. They will curate stories inspired by the ‘made by humans’ concept, meeting and interacting with local people ashore in the 32 different countries that the ship will visit, creating a celebration of global culture. They will also step into the shoes of the incredible crew members on board the ship and share this unique experience through their eyes.

The MSC Cruises relay team consists of Benn TK (Australia), Kara and Nate (USA), Izhan (Spain), Life to Go (Germany), Anil B (Switzerland), Human Safari (Italy), Nick Miller(South Africa), Ayumu Yamashita (Japan) and Vitor Liberato (Brazil).

The many destinations that the ship visits are an opportunity for guests to discover the world. With destinations like the tropical paradises of Costa Rica, Honolulu and Bora Bora; cultural hotspots like Barcelona and Rome; and the fascinating desert landscapes of the Arab Emirates, Oman and Egypt, there is truly something to entrance every kind of traveller. Guests will really be able to make the most of their time ashore with an average stay of 13 hours in port and a choice of more than 250 shore excursions.

 MSC Magnifica will also take guests on a journey of the flavours of the world, thanks to an all-star cast of international chefs, who will bring their savoir faire to the onboard dining experience. Between each of these gastronomic marvels, MSC Cruises’ own chefs will delight guests with an unprecedented 237 different menus for the main restaurants, including thematic dishes that are linked to the itinerary of the ship. These dishes will also be served at the Sahara Buffet.

 MSC Magnifica will enable guests to travel in true comfort, elegant style, and relaxed refinement, with all the features that distinguish MSC Cruises ships, including high quality service, a varied choice of dining options – four restaurants and 11 bars – modern and comfortable cabins, as well as a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities. Entertainment offerings include a full-size casino, panoramic discotheque, cigar lounge and 4D cinema. And if that is not enough, there will be a cultural enrichment programme, including language classes, arts and crafts, dancing, live music and of course Broadway-style theatre shows.