Katlego Maboe in the Maldives. Pictures: Supplied.

Katlego Maboe - TV presenter, MC, performer, and new host of Tropika Island of Treasure 8 (#TIOT8) shares his travels stories.

There's something about this concrete jungle.🎨

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First holiday memory? 

My first memory is traveling in my grandparent’s VW combi to Tsetse in the North West Province to visit my grandfather’s cousin on his village farm.  It was an exciting time because I would look forward to the road trip and all the snacks that came with the journey.

Favourite place in SA? 

The Atlantic Seaboard where I now live is one of my favourite places in SA. Living close to the ocean has always been a dream for me. 

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Best holiday?

I took a trip to Europe with my friends in 2013 and that still ranks as the best holidays I have ever had.  We traveled to 6 cities in 3 weeks and had a blast. He loves visiting Paris.

What have you learnt from your travels? 

I have learned that the more you travel, the more your mind opens to the possibilities of what life could be.  Everything from how, where and what my life could be has been changed by traveling.

Ideal travelling companion? 

My ideal travel companion is someone who is adventurous and willing to try almost anything.  Someone who is as keen as I am on learning different languages and experiencing new cultures, foods, music and outdoors.

Beach bum, culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

I would categorise myself as a culture vulture.  I feel that one gets the most out of traveling when one is able to bring back a piece of that place in you.

Greatest travel luxury?
I love sharing my travel experiences and reliving them so I would have to say a smartphone with a great camera is the best travel luxury.

Holiday reading?
While on holiday I love to read books about my destination.  Books that detail landmarks and their significance, as well as phrase books that help me communicate better with the people of that place.

Most intriguing destination? 

India was quite intriguing.  I found the culinary adventure quite delightful.

Worst travel experience? 

A security guard once tried to take cash from me, claiming that I was not allowed to take the country’s currency back home with me.  It was a small amount, but the plain corrupt nature of the act really made that travel experience the worst.

Best hotel?

The Adaaran Vadoo Resort in the Maldives is without fail, the best hotel I have ever stayed at.  Having a personal butler at your service certainly enhances the experience.

😎🏖 #Adaaran

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Favourite walk, swim, ride or drive? 

The beach walks around the Maldivian islands makes for a memorable and blissful experience.

Best meal abroad? 

The southern fried chicken served at the Red Rooster in Harlem is amazing.

Favourite city?
New York City was and is still one of the best city I have traveled to.  You really do feel like you can conquer the world from those concrete streets.

😃🇺🇸🕺🏾 #NYC #LoveCapeTown

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Where to next? 

I would love to travel to Machu Pichu in Peru.