One in every 22 working South Africans is employed in the tourism sector. Pexels

Statistics SA has released it's April 2019 Tourism and Migration Report which shows that South Africa has a vibrant tourism industry.

The report shows that in the month of April, more than 3,6 million travellers (arrivals, departures, and transits) passed through South Africa's ports of entry.

This is one of the main reasons the sector is a popular choice for many South Africans.

In report last year that appeared in the Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa it was highlighted that "road passenger transport is the single largest expenditure item for local tourists, taking up 27% of domestic tourism spend in 2017."

A snapshot of who is employed in the tourism sector. Graphic by Stats SA/Tourism Satellite Account for South Africa

The report also shows that "road passenger transport is the fourth largest expenditure item for international (inbound) tourists.

This is the biggest employer in the sector, responsible for creating 30% of all tourism-related jobs ie those working in car rental, buses, taxis.

Coming in second in terms of numbers is the food and beverage serving industry and then accommodation. 

The report also highlights that "road passenger transport is also notable for another fact: it is the industry that has the highest percentage of male employees in its tourism workforce. For every ten employees, nine are male."

Gender parity is key in the report which also concludes that "the four industries that employ more females than males are the food and beverage serving industry, accommodation, recreation and retail. All other industries in the tourism sector – in particular road passenger transport, railways and transport equipment rental – have male-dominated workforces."

Info courtesy of Stats SA - Unpacking South Africa’s tourism workforce