File photo: The airline wouldnt say when the incident happened or where the flight had been heading.

London - A passenger chased his plane on the tarmac after missing the final boarding call – and astonishingly he was allowed on board.

Footage shows the traveller, who had evaded security staff at the gate, reaching the end of the jet bridge where his Boeing 737 had been waiting earlier.

In a major security breach, he dangles his legs off the bridge before jumping off with two bags over his shoulders and landing on the ground 10ft below.

After briefly speaking to a baggage cart driver, he sprints across the tarmac in a bid to stop the plane taking off without him, waving his hands to catch the pilot’s attention. He is finally intercepted by ground crew as he dashes towards the flight at Madrid’s main international airport.

But despite ignoring security advice and putting himself in danger by running across the busy runway, the reckless man is still allowed to board his flight after the video finishes.

Footage of the incident was recorded by a ground crew member at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport and posted on the Workers’ Commissions trade union Facebook page.

On Tuesday it remained unclear whether the unnamed man faced charges for entering a restricted area. Some viewers suggested he should be banned from flying.

One viewer wrote: “This guy should have been arrested by the security forces and identified so not only can he not travel with [Ryanair] but any airline.”

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “Since this video relates to a security breach at Madrid airport, it’s a matter for Madrid airport police.”

The airline wouldn’t say when the incident happened or where the flight had been heading.

In 2015 an Italian couple flying with Ryanair was fined £1 600 (about R30 000) for evading security and running on to the tarmac at Malta’s airport.

Around the same time, a man ran up the tarmac at Palma Airport in Majorca for a dare.