Deanna Nicolozakes shared the picture on Passenger Shaming Instagram page.
Deanna Nicolozakes shared the picture on Passenger Shaming Instagram page.

This couple got steamy on a plane... with their masks on

By Travel Reporter Time of article published Jul 23, 2020

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PDAs on planes are nothing new, we’ve all seen it. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, steamy PDAs are a rare sighting.

But for this couple on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Columbus, Ohio, they literally could not keep their hands off each other.

The photograph was posted on an Instagram page called Passenger Shaming. The page shows the bad, ugly and hilarious habits of passengers on a plane.

The picture in question was snapped by Deanna Nicolozakes, who said in the comments: "I took this picture! This was on my flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Columbus, OH 😂" (sic). Nicolozakes explained that the couple were not just kissing on the place.

She said: "This couple was peachy. First he was spoon-feeding her, literally..with a spoon. Then he had taken her socks off to massage her feet. And we ended the show with this. I had to document." (sic)

User @shardavin told the couple to "Get a room" (sic), while another @elizabethgawrysiak commented: "I guess they only paid for one seat." (sic).

User @upupandawhale joked: "This seems safe I guess, but the other passengers throwing up in their masks watching this might be an issue." (sic).

The picture brought up some memories for user dymathias_ who relieved a similar situation she witnessed on a trip.

I was on a red eye to Charlotte in North Carolina. She posted: "I was on a red eye to Charlotte, NC once and I was in the first row of coach and there was an older man (60s) and a younger lady(early 40s) in first class sitting in opposite rows and they started chatting about life, loud enough for me, the flight attendants and the other 3 passengers to hear. We could tell the lady was drunk. She was slurring and being so loud we were all annoyed. The lady started telling the man about her 15 year marriage and 4 kids and that she was some important business lady and her husband was a lawyer blah blah blah. We started to tune her out and eventually I realized that they had stopped talking but their annoying voices were traded for smacking noises.... y’all.... I look up and they are full on making out!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ all of us passengers were all like “😳” so then they’re getting off the plane and the guy tells the lady that he will wait for her at the gate and tell me why this lady got off this plane and blew right passed him like she had never seen him before. But wait... it gets better.... she arrives at baggage claim where her HUSBAND AND CHILDREN ARE THERE TO PICK HER UP 🤦🏻‍♀️"

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