The right destination, stokvels and discounts are just some ways to save for your next holiday. Picture: Pexels.

If you want to travel this year, then it is probably time to start planning a travel budget. Most travellers dream of travel fall flat as they have not saved enough for their trip. With the right drive to save and a fixed plan, you will be travelling before you know it.

Here are some tips to plan:

Choose your destination wisely: Start small. Tick off the cheaper destinations off your bucket list first. Most destinations for South Africans do not require a visa, which will save you money and time. Choose destinations where the rand is stronger because it allows travellers to enjoy a holiday without it costing a fortune.

Plan how much you want to spend: Many people want to travel, but they are not realistic about their budget. As tempting as it may seem to purchase your trip on your credit card, do not!  The last thing you want is to pay off holiday months after you have returned. Create a budget that suits your pocket. The most important thing is that you are travelling.

Join a travel stokvel: Travel stovels have become a new way for travellers to save with a group of family or friends for that all important trip. The National Association of Stokvels of SA revealed that around 11.5 million people participate in stokvels. Whether its Chrismas in Europe or summer in Asia, travellers have the cash whenever they want to use it.

Book early, or when there are sales: Everyone wants to get a travel discount. Nothing beats saving a few rands on a travel quote. Purchase your trip early as flights and accommodation are often cheaper as travel agents want to lure travellers to a destination. However, if one does not have the money saved, then they can keep an eye on for discounts.

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