A video of a female sleeping position on a plane went viral. Picture: Passenger Shaming/Instagram.

Having no one sitting next to you in a flight can have many perks. You don’t have to deal with the person’s unnecessary banter, their snoring or unusual flight habits.

For one passenger, the vacant seat next to her meant that she could get much-needed rest. The passenger in questions had social media divided after she was recorded in a rather uncompromising position. 

In a video posted by Passenger Shaming on Instagram, the passenger laid her head down on one seat while her legs were placed on the airplane window. Judging from the short clip, the passenger had no care in the world and did not care that her sleeping position was captured by her fellow passengers. 

Passenger Shaming, voted Rolling Stone Magazine's "100 Best Instagram Accounts", shares some of the bad habits that passengers have onboard a plane, and this video received over 280 000 views. Passengers shared their views on the sleeping position with some labelling it “sickening.”

Yart676768 commented: “What is she waiting for the gynecologist?”(sic). 

Aunty_vanoda_zvinhu commented: “This is shameful. Like how does someone do that...in PUBLIC😫😫😫 i dont mean to judge, however it made me feel some typa way.” (sic). 

Some said they would do the same if given the opportunity. 

Nik_key commented: “Not going to lie.. would if I could…” (sic). 

Barbie_dollmomma commented: “Hey at least she’s comfortable! This would be me lol 😂”(sic). 

Trish.griffiths.3 commented: “She paid for the seat she can do what she likes not hurting anyone and probably exhausted.” (sic).