Travellers on Qantas Flight QF 575 had to evacuate the plane following a hydraulic leak.
Travellers on Qantas Flight QF 575 had to evacuate the plane following a hydraulic leak.

WATCH: Panic and uncertainty after passengers forced to evacuate Qantas flight

By Staff reporter Time of article published Dec 17, 2019

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Travellers on Qantas Flight QF 575, a 271-seat Airbus A330, had to evacuate the plane following a hydraulic leak. 

According to Airlines Ratings, Qantas passengers were forced to evacuate a Perth-bound plane via its emergency slides. 

Apparently, passengers had to evacuate after a foul “smoke-like haze” filled the cabin.

According to the publication, the flight was en route to Perth when the aircraft experienced a hydraulic problem 20 minutes into the flight. The captain had to head back to Sydney Airport where it took off. While heading back to the Sydney Airport, a foul-smelling burning smell filled the cabin. The smoked filled cabin prompted the captain to call an evacuation. 

It is also believed that the pilot had to call for a “tug to tow it to the gate” as the leak prevented the pilot from steering the aircraft. 

One passenger was hospitalised and many others treated for minor injuries. 

Ally Kemp posted on Twitter: “Everyone had to exit the plane via slide onto Sydney tarmac after the cabin filled with smoke and the captain screamed evacuate. Terrifying.” 

Qantas revealed the haze in the cabin was caused by the hydraulic fluid leak onto the air-conditioning system.

According to The Washington Post, Debbie Slade, the Qantas fleet safety captain, said that once the plane was grounded, it was towed to the gate. 

"And once they're at the gate, I believe there were some indications of a mist inside the cabin. So the crew took the conservative option and agreed to evacuate the aircraft," the statement revealed. 

Qantas has since deleted the statement from its website.  

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