Passenger's disgusting feet causes negative reactions among air travellers. Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels.

What do you do when someone in the seat behind you casually plonks one of their legs on your armrest? 

Do you remain silent or do you say something?  A video posted on Reddit showcased one passenger’s predicament when a fellow passenger rested his bare feet on the traveller’s armrest. 

The passenger, clearly disgusted, was videoed by an unidentified passenger. The video, which garnered around 76.4K views caused quite an uproar on the website. 

Some passengers relived similar experiences - and shared insight on how they handled the situation. 

User crims0ndrag0n shared: “It happened to me once on a flight. At least the foot was covered by a sock. I stabbed her toes with the in-flight magazine until she reeled her foot back to her lair.

“Best part: she looked at me and said, “what’s wrong with you??” (sic). 

User Juubimaru had the same views: “Happened to me for the first time in my last flight, just roll up the safely magazine and start poking them with it! Don’t have to waste any coffee or risk spilling on yourself :)” (sic). 

Some suggested the traveller spill their drink. 

User LevelHeadedAssassin commented: “Just accidentally spill your drink. Oops.

“Sorry about that. Guess my scalding hot coffee wouldn’t have burnt your foot if you weren’t an enormous jacka**.” (sic)

User Thomp21391 believed confrontation is better: “That happened to me once. I turned around and asked them politely to not and they removed their foot. If you see something, say something.” (sic). 

Another user, MajikH8ballz felt there should be fines attached to these kinds of behaviour. “There should be fines for behavior like this on an aircraft,” the user said. (sic). 


Aaargh! from r/WatchPeopleDieInside