Woman stuck in airport makes hilarious dance video.
We’ve all been there — a missed flight or delay leads to hours of mind-numbing boredom in the terminal — unless overpriced food and stale air is your idea of a good time.

But Twitter user @katiemgould, who describes herself as an " Obscure Vine connoisseur. Poor law student. I eat lots of noodles"  showed that with just a phone and some dancing feet, any flight delay can turn into a party. 

After missing her flight and getting stuck in an Atlanta airport for 4 hours, she decided to kick up her shoes to the iconic hit, “You Make My Dreams,” by Hall & Oates. 

She even included her cat, Bowie, in the hilarious shuffle. According to Twitter, he is her “favourite travel buddy” and a “precious baby angel boy”. 
Looks like her next flight should be direct to Funkytown!

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