Vlogger Jeb Brooks offers a glimpse at what happens to your luggage once you have checked it in. Picture: Pixabay.
Vlogger Jeb Brooks offers a glimpse at what happens to your luggage once you have checked it in. Picture: Pixabay.

WATCH: You won’t believe what your baggage goes through before it reaches you

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Nov 12, 2019

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If you are expecting rainbow and roses when you check in your bag, think again. 

Some travellers have their contents stolen, while others have their locks removed and their bags damaged. 

Jeb Brooks from GreenerGrass.com went behind the scenes at Atlanta International Airport to see what happened to luggage after it left a passenger at the ticket counter. 

He spent some time at Delta Air Lines hub to see how staff handle the luggage and learn about the luggage process. 

In a YouTube video, he reveals that after you check your suitcase at the counter, it heads into a “mysterious world.”

He shares: “A mysterious world in which baggage is only part of the calculus.”

The video also aims to share some clarity on the critical role that ramp agents and ramp tower controllers play in the process. 

Brooks reveals that this particular destination, known as the world’s busiest airport, handles 80 000 to 100 000 bags a day. 

As airlines have to deal with vast amounts of baggage, they use a RFID scanner tag.

It allows them to track the bags at all times.

If you check in your bag early, your bag will be stored in cold storage until it is time for your flight. 

Brooks reveals that one of the strangest items a traveller checked in was a dining room chair. 

To reduce jamming, dots on the conveyor belt guide staff on where to place the bags and screens constantly monitor the baggage. 

Airlines like Delta also carry cargo. If there isn't enough cargo or luggage on the flight, sandbags are added to make sure that everything weighs evenly. 

Justin High, an aircraft loading agent at Delta, who spoke with Brooks, revealed that they take baggage very seriously. 

“Everything we do is for their safety and our safety, We want them to feel safe. We are going to accommodate them in every way possible. We do everything we can do to get their bag there, so they have everything they need to have a pleasant experience at their destination,” he said. 



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