More travellers are choosing to travel First Class because it offers value for money. Picture: Emirates/DuncanChard.

Chilled champagne, check. Gourmet cuisine, check. VIP service, check.

The benefits of First Class travel are endless and allows travellers to be treated like ‘royalty’ when they fly across the world.

According to Fouad Caunhye, the Regional Manager for Emirates South Africa, many travellers choose to fork out for a First Class ticket because it offers many benefits.

He said while there is a misconception of First Class travel being for the rich and famous, it catered to all types of travellers, including those who travel on business or leisure.

“There is no doubt that First Class travel does cost more but once you have accounted for the value, the networking opportunities, enhanced productivity, priority boarding and time, the price is not a primary concern.

There are also other benefits like chauffeur driven rides, access to dedicated lounges, gourmet cuisine and some of the best wines in the sky and privacy.

Some flyers who book 5-star-holidays want to enjoy a luxury experience from the time they enter the airport to the time they get on the plane and do not mind saving towards a First Class ticket.

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