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Exchange rates can make a massive difference to the cost of a holiday.

For those looking to make their rand go further, financial comparison website Finder have pulled together the top ten best travel destinations based on currency gains over the last year.

To determine the list, they compared exchange rates via on January 2019 with those on January 2020. 

They then pulled out the top ten that showed the greatest growth for the South African rand, excluding any destinations that were noted as “high” risk level on

Where you should travel to make your rand go further

Topping the list is Argentina, with the rand 64 percent stronger against the Argentinian peso than it was at the same time last year. That means R1 000 is now worth an additional 1 658 Argentinian pesos.

Massive stone head statues are seen at the archaeological site of Mount Nemrut in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey. Picture: AP

In second place is Uruguay, with the rand increasing 17 percent against the Uruguayan peso – time for a South American holiday anyone? 

South America actually dominated the top ten list with a total of four countries, including Paraguay and Chile, making the cut.

10 of the cheapest currencies for South Africans in 2020:

  1. Argentinian peso: 64% more per rand
  2. Uruguayan peso: 17% more per rand
  3. Turkish lira: 15% more per rand
  4. Paraguayan guarani 11% more per rand
  5. Chilean peso: 9% more per rand
  6. Mauritian rupee: 8% more per rand
  7. Swedish krona: 8% more per rand
  8. Hungarian forint: 8% more per rand
  9. Dominican peso: 8% more per rand
  10. Romanian leu: 8% more per rand