Red square Moscow. Picture: Wikimedia Commons
Why we have bucket lists? Is it to keep our dreams alive, help us reach our goals or to feel satisfied and content when we do? Whatever it is, Russia is definitely a bucket list destination:

10 things to do in Moscow:

  • Stay in a capsule hotel like Molotoff - these Japanese-designed capsules are great fun. Located less than 700m from Red Square they are clean and affordable.
  • Take the red city sightseeing bus to get a feel of the city.
  • Go inside St Basil's Cathedral. Legend has it that Ivan the Terrible ordered the masterpiece of Russian architecture to be built in honour of the Kazan siege and then blinded architects so that they could never build something so beautiful again.
  • See the anti-nuclear Bunker 42. It's 65m underground and is the only declassified military object in Russia. After the tour visitors can eat at the restaurant.
  • Savour one of the ice creams at Gum mall. The glitzy 19th century mall is filled with name-branded stores and a caviare restaurant.
  • Watch a ballet at the Bolshoi - home to one of the oldest ballet companies in the world and Europe’s second largest opera houses. The theatre's grandeur is astounding.
  • The historic metro route has 12 palatial stations, which are artistic monuments, each offering a different depiction of the Soviet ideal; some have mosaics, others stained-glass panels while others are filled with statues. One ticket at the metro will allow you to hop on and hop off at each station - as long as you don’t exit any of the stations.
  • Walk down Ulitsa Varvarka, one of Moscows oldest streets. It's filled with churches. The street and churches are almost all that remain of historic Zaryadye, a bustling quarter of artisans and traders.
  • Drink a Moscow Mule, a cocktail made from vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice garnished with a wedge of lime. It is popularly served in a copper mug.
  • Catch the Sapson train to St Petersburg. The speed train travels at 240km/* and offers from economy class up to business class. I recommend business class; the price isn’t very different and the food and comfort are worth it - plus there's unlimited wi-fi.