I am probably the most clueless when it comes to fashion, but what I do know is that being poor dressed when you about to take your flight is unforgivable.

Admitting to guilt, there were days when I wore old track pants and sneakers to the airport, to the disapproval of other passengers, who dressed in silky black suits and perfect styled hair.

Fortunately, I have since learned my lesson, and have tried my best to look presentable during my travels.

Looking good on your travels need not be a mission. In between those connecting flights and jet lag, finding time to look good may seem impossible, but a few minutes can do wonders.

Here are some tips: 

Customise your tracksuit look: Instead of just throwing on a track suit, why not sprouse your look? Pair it with sneakers or heels- or even a bomber jacket.

Bella Hadid pairs her tracksuit with a pair of heels.

Carry an extra pair of clothing: Carry an extra pair of clothing if the destination you are travelling to has different weather conditions. You may be travelling to a place that requires warmer or cooler clothes so changing before you land will be a great idea. Besides, people should refresh after a long haul flight.

Wear sunglasses: If you have tired eyes, why not hide it with a nice pair of sunglasses? Sunglasses are known to add some style to a look- and will go well with whatever outfit you choose. It also helps when you want to sneak some shut eye on the plane.

Brad Pitt loves wearing his sunglasses.

Dress to your style: Do not push the push the fashion boundaries when you choosing looks. Try to choose outfits that cater to your style and comfortability. As much as you may want to channel your inner celeb (see point 4), try to incorporate your own personal style to it.

Get inspo from your favourite celebrities: I once saw Toni Braxton at the airport and she looked like she just came from a fashion magazine shoot. She was glammed up and had her make up applied perfectly.  Whether it's from the Beckhams, Selena Gomez or one of the Kardashian sisters, finding style inspiration from celebrities are a sure sign that you will be looking like a million bucks. Just make sure that particular look did not end up in the worst fashion section of a magazine or newspaper.

Selena Gomez remains a vision when she travels.