Most travellers are not clued up on how to handle a flight emergency. Picture: Pexels

If you are one of those passengers who book flight tickets without thinking about flight emergencies, read on. 

Most travellers who miss a flight or face other problems relating to their flight panic or vent their frustrations on social media as they are not clued up on how to handle a flight emergency. 

Sue Garrett, GM of Product and Marketing at The Flight Centre Travel Group, tells us the 5 things to know if you face a flight emergency: 

Understand the specific terms and conditions of your air tickets

This is rule number 1. As tempting as that cheap ticket sounds, knowing the terms and conditions comes in handy if an emergency arises. Garrett says: “Always ask your agent to explain the specifics of the flight booking to ensure that you are booking the best ticket and have all the information to help you handle a flight emergency.”

 A delay is often outside of a passenger's control

Garrett says airlines try their best to rectify issues to ensure your comfort. "Most airlines will re-accommodate their passengers on the next scheduled flight or provide meal or hotel vouchers for extended delays,” she says.

Travellers can claim a full refund on their ticket or amend the travel dates at no additional fee. However, this depends on the ticket and the specific circumstances surrounding the delay

“If a flight is delayed due to weather conditions, the airline may offer you the chance to cancel your ticket for a limited time and obtain a full refund, or the airline may allow you the opportunity to amend your travel dates within a certain travel period at no additional cost," says Garrett.

Travel with comprehensive travel insurance

Garrett says whether you leave on a local or international trip, travel insurance is necessary. “Ensure that you know the procedures and what your travel insurance covers. It comes in handy when you face a flight emergency," she says.

Deal with an established travel company

Make sure that these travel experts are from a reputable company. “A travel expert will advise you and help you deal with flight delays or other unforeseen circumstances,” says Garrett. 

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