Newlyweds can plan a budget honeymoon without compromising on quality. Picture: Pexels.
Newlyweds can plan a budget honeymoon without compromising on quality. Picture: Pexels.

5 ways to honeymoon on a budget

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Aug 7, 2018

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A honeymoon is a time for a couple to enjoy time away together and to unwind after months of stressful wedding planning. But, not all newlyweds end up going on a honeymoon because they have a perception that honeymoons are expensive. 

Polly Naidoo, a senior consultant at Just Honeymoons in Durban, says newlyweds can plan a budget honeymoon without compromising on quality.

She shares some tips on how to plan for a honeymoon on a budget: 

Determine a budget: The first order of business is to determine how much you are willing to spend on a honeymoon. 

“A honeymoon can be anything from a weekend away or a week-long holiday,” says Naidoo. “It all depends on a person’s budget and their travel needs.”
She research on local vs. international holiday pricing was crucial if couples wanted to save. 
“A local holiday, including flights, car hire, accommodation and meals may cost more than an island escape to Thailand or Mauritius. It is always important to research places to see where you can get more for your buck,” says Naidoo. 

Travel off-peak: Travelling during off-peak seasons (dependent on weather and school holidays) are great for couples who seek privacy. Naidoo says prices of airfares and accommodation also decrease during off-peak seasons.
“There aren't many people visiting these destinations, which results in the drop in prices to attract more people. It not only saves you money but offers a quiet retreat,” she said. 

Stay away from countries that require visas: Obtaining visas can be time-consuming and costly, says Naidoo. She recommends travellers to stay away from countries that require a visa, including some parts of the US and Europe.
“Visas can cost around R1000 to R2000, depending on where you are going. Rather visit places that do not require a visa,” she said. 

Take inclusive packages: Naidoo says that couples should look at packages that include drinks and meals. 
“Couples will have one less thing to worry about when they book an all-inclusive package. By having your drinks and meals provided, you are able to budget for activities, clothing and souvenirs,” says Naidoo. 

Book tours at your destination: After a stressful few weeks of planning a wedding, many couples just want to laze around near the pool or at the beach. 
Naidoo says that pre-booking tours could cause undue stress for newlyweds, especially if tours are closer to their arrival time. 
In terms of saving for tours, she recommends that couples book it at their destination. 
“The couple should do some research on the prices of these tours so they know how much to budget. Often they will find that these tours are cheaper and there is a wider variety,” she says. 
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