Time with your guy friends need not be a complicated affair. However, it does not hurt being creative when you plan one. Picture: Pexels.

Those who have been on a guys’ getaway will know that it takes minimal planning and a weekend of stress-free fun.

Besides, what could go wrong with camping, braai and beers? While that seems like a good way to spend a getaway with your mates, travellers should find more creative ways of catching up with the crew.

Recently, guys have been going all out to plan that special weekend away from their lovers, children and work commitments.

While some plan a local break, others are adding exotic islands and cities to their bucket list.

Here are some tips to get started on your guys' getaway: 

Choosing the destination

Choosing a destination is the first step to a successful getaway. Try to find a place that everyone would like. The group should come up with three suggestions and select the one that everyone likes the most. 

Try something other than camping

Camping may be fun but it is always good to get out of your comfort zone. There are many options that guys can choose from, including a cruise, a safari or a trip to a city with a good nightlife scene.

Delegate tasks

Once the destination and date of the trip has been chosen, delegate tasks for each member of the group to do before and during the trip. This could be anything from booking the accommodation, taking care of the meals or planning activities. Delegating tasks makes everyone’s role easier and the trip less stress free.

Plan an itinerary

Having an itinerary will make everything more fun. The guys should do something they have never done before, whether its bungee-jumping, shark cage diving or an interesting tour.

Party responsibly

Some people mistake a guy’s getaway with hardcore partying and lots of alcohol. However, this is not always the case.  If there is partying involved, make sure that there is always a sober driver available and that the group moderates their alcohol consumption to avoid a nasty hangover the next day!

Make memories

While guys tend to take less selfies than women do, it is always good to document the trip with photographs and videos. Those memories will come in handy when you want to reminisce the trip 20 years from now.