Multi-generational travel is one of this year's biggest travel trends. Picture: Supplied
Multi-generational travel is one of this year's biggest travel trends. Picture: Supplied

6 top tips on how to plan a multigenerational travel trip

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jul 16, 2019

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Multi-generational travel, usually a trip taken by three or more generations of a family, is one of this year's biggest travel trends. We ask Vera Nagtegaal, the executive head of, for her tips on how to plan one.

Ask yourself: what is the budget? 

Nagtegaal says establishing a budget is key to beginning the planning process. "A budget is important to determine what people can afford and what they cannot. It also streamlines the planning process," she says.

Think about the destination

Ask everyone how far they are willing to travel. Will they want an international holiday or a local trip to a small town? "If you have family members spread over Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, then find a midway spot that is easy for everyone to get to." 

It's about the timing

Nagtegaal says parents with school-going children will have less flexibility in terms of available time than perhaps your retired relatives might have.

Ask for ideas and preferences

Nagtegaal believes travellers will most likely get a lot more support and understanding from family members if you ask every member to submit ideas on where they want to go, and what kind of accommodation they prefer.

Give everyone their space

While it is great to spend quality time, Nagtegaal says personal space is vital. "We love our relatives and we want to spend time with them. However, it might not be a great idea to be in everyone’s company all the time. An hour or two away from everyone will do wonders," she says. 

Plan a special event to celebrate the trip

You might think of arranging a dinner or a group hike. It all depends on what everyone enjoys. "It gives everyone the chance to focus their joint attention on looking back on the wonderful holiday. Who knows, it might inspire your next multigenerational trip," she adds. 

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