Model and actress Roxane Hayward and her beau Kosta Scholiadis may not have plans for Valentine's Day, but they definitely want to plan a romantic weekend getaway soon. Picture: Supplied.

Model and star of Death Race 3: Inferno Roxane Hayward and her beau Kosta Scholiadis are one of those couples who find time to travel despite their hectic schedules. Here Hayward talks about meeting Scholiadis and their travel plans.

Are you travelling this Valentines Day?

Unfortunately not. Summer season is a busy time for me so it's hard to get away in the middle of the week. Perhaps a little one night getaway  the following weekend is in the cards. We will just have to wait and see.

How did you and your partner meet?

I saw Kosta in a charity fashion show when we were still in university. I thought he was cute and tried to plan a way for us to meet. I introduced myself to the organiser of the shows and asked to be involved in their future shows. About three months later, I arrived at a rehearsal and there he was.

What has been the most memorable Valentines Day for you and your partner?

A few years ago, we got a call from our agent who told us that we were going to shoot a TV commercial together on Valentine's Day. We spent the day travelling from one beautiful location in Cape Town to the next while getting to do fun and romantic activities together. The best part is that it was captured on camera. Having my hair and makeup constantly touched up on set was a bonus.

Ideal place to visit on Valentines Day?

I think this will vary from couple to couple. I personally love being out of the city, somewhere secluded and quiet where the main attraction is soaking up each other's company. If the place has a significant meaning to you and your partner or you have beautiful memories there together, then that's a bonus.