Travel around the globe has come to a standstill as self-isolation becomes the new norm.
Travel around the globe has come to a standstill as self-isolation becomes the new norm.

Female travellers across the globe share their self-isolation experiences

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Apr 1, 2020

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Coronavirus has impacted every person on this planet, directly or indirectly. In this time of uncertainty, the need to connect with people is a great comfort. 

With Covid-19 putting the kibosh on travel plans for an indeterminate period, we now rely on virtual tours, delayed posting of travel images and travel groups to fulfill the wanderlust in some way. 

What I discovered during a chat on Women Who Travel, a group on Facebook, is that we are all coping in a similar way, although some cities haven’t fully imposed a lockdown.  

This is what some of them had to say as we exchanged ideas and lent moral support to each other over the weekend.

Travel around the globe has come to a standstill as self-isolation becomes the new norm.

Jenna Throw-Swank

From Indiana, in a suburb of Chicago. We are under a “stay at home” order, so we are only leaving the house for groceries, carry out and outdoor exercise. My work has gone remote, and my husband’s work has always been remote, so we are both very fortunate to continue our jobs from home during this time. I’ve been trying to maintain my workout schedule with at-home workouts and running outside, as well as keep up my nutrition habits and meal schedule. Spending lots of time on social media to keep in contact with friends.

Jubelene Lekoloane Tshweu

Am in South Africa, too. Morning walks at 06h00 with the kids, bath, breakfast, nap, schoolwork for an hour, board games, lunch, read books or magazine, nap, yoga or indoor exercise, prepare supper, have supper, take a bath, evening prayer and sleep. In between, we occasionally browse the internet or play online games. We don’t have a TV so this is our programme. 

Tina Guerra

I am in Brisbane, Australia. Not in lockdown (yet) but I have been self-isolating (alone) so I can stay well to run errands for my elderly parents, who are also self-isolating. I have been working from home for 2 weeks now. Have spent my free time deep cleaning my garage and balcony, both jobs I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Next on the list is to sort a lifetime of photos, digitise them and make some photo books. Stay well, everyone!

Florence De Nazareth

From France, I’m in quarantine for two weeks, I’ve been sick with the virus for nearly all of that time so a lot of naps, a bit of reading and binge-watching. I’m nearly all recovered now tho so I’ll start working remote again during the next week, I’m a web developer. I also have plans for things I’d love to cook to travel through food a little.

Stacey Williams

I'm in the Santa Clarita Valley in Southern California, entering week three of our lockdown. The weather has been beautiful, so I've been ordering gardening supplies and plants online and working on my lawn and garden. I'm walking the dogs, doing crossword and jigsaw puzzles, attending virtual book club meetings, too much Netflixing, and trying to get in some home workouts between too many trips to the fridge. We're locked down for at least another three weeks, and possibly till late May/early June if our epidemiologists' predictions are right. Stay strong! This too shall pass.

Edy Johnston

Tennesse, USA. Laying mulch, planting a vegetable garden, dividing plants, playing with chicken, sheep, loving my husband, dogs, cooking, organising and going for walks.

Faye Bradley Sterling

Columbus Ohio. I’m a nurse so I’ve been working. No school for the kids. Helping them with homework. Took a walk today. Reading and watching TV. Cleaning, too. Cooking a lot!

Leilani Boroszewska

Hello there!! I am kind of in a lockdown. I still have to work, unlike the 90 percent of my town. I am in West Texas, USA. My son has been home for two weeks. So between homeschooling, work and trying to find the energy to workout, I have caught up on movies. Last night the hubby and I made some bread and will probably be cooking the rest of the day

Suzanne Mruk Romero

New Jersey, USA, here. Full house. One son finishing semester online. Other son is an EMT, so still working. Hubby working. I’m a dog walker/pet sitter so most of my clients are now working from home so no pets to care for. The library I work in is closed indefinitely. Cleaning, long walks in the woods with my dog and camera, started (watching) Outlander on Netflix, snacking too much! Waiting for updates on the latest comments from our president about mandatory restrictions as this area is the epicenter. Stay safe all!

Vanessa Rodrigues

From Brazil, I'm in self-isolation with my husband. We spent our last week working in our garden, listening to music and cooking. Next week we are planning to build a sofa.

Zeina Sayegh

Hello from Long Island, New York. We’re not in total lockdown and I go out every other day to pick up groceries. I’m a language college instructor, so I’m teaching all my classes online right now. My older two kids are back home from their colleges (my son from Binghamton University in NY and my daughter from George Washington University in Washington DC), in addition to my 9th grader. All of us are home doing our work online. My husband is a surgeon, so he’s also still working. Today, he went to see one of his patients in the ICU and he said there were 19 corona patients in there and only three patients recovering from surgeries. We try to enjoy our backyard whenever the weather allows and our gym is offering online exercise classes. When I’m not working, I read a bit, cook, eat, clean and organize the house, break up fights between my kids, eat, watch shows on TV, do laundry, yell at my kids to help around the house and eat again. Stay safe everyone!

Marta Dzsarta

I'm in Madrid, Spain. The city is under lockdown since March 13. I am currently unemployed so I'm taking this opportunity for self-improvement and going for further studying. I am also taking my time for cooking, reading and drinking lots of wine.

Patrycja Paulina Pałągiewicz

Greetings from Poland. I decided to spend my lockdown on travelling through pictures and discovering places already visited. I post them on my Instagram (archi_pati) and created a hashtag #onecityperday. Today I'm in Verona.

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